Brent Ville Subdivision: Lot for Sale in Maghaway Talisay City


Try to check the newest lot for sale in Brent Ville Subdivision. The location is near at Cebu Light Transit (LRT ) Line 1 Phase 1 Routes in Brgy. Maghaway, Talisay City, Cebu.


With the demands of time, in order to live a life that’s full and enough for our daily living, it has created drastic changes in our lives. Seeing others having so much in their lives provokes us to follow their path. But, we’ve come to realize that not everything in this world is going to be achievable.

In order for us to achieve one of our dreams whether it doesn’t really what we wished for aside from that material things, but having a home so called our own is a sense of pride and stability.


Trying To Establish Your Own Home


While we are trying to establish our own home, but the sad truth is, in reality that dream of ours could have hindrance neither on a tight budget – that can be upsetting though. So, why not just settle for available yet affordable LOT ONLY for sale at this point in time. A Pre-Selling lot is a wise investment today but don’t initiate at a latter time because that can be regretful at one time for not securing at the earliest.

So, here it goes…

If your passion is somewhere along the southern side of Cebu, consider Talisay City as your home too. I have known at this point that there’s a lot only that’s affordable and overlooking. Although the location is considerably far from the main roads of Talisay City, an estimate of 15-20 minutes ride from McDonalds. But somehow if you will consider cost and future endeavor, I am sure this is a good investment for you.


Right Investment For Your Future


Anyways, if you are thinking of right investment for you and your family, by just acquiring a lot only at affordable cost, believe that there are ways while chasing your dream home. Even if it’s quite far, a lot inside a Subdivision can be fulfilling when you can design your dream house.

For me, don’t think twice and look for good invest today so you can also use it for business such as; rental or you can sell it the future. Remember, a real estate will increase in time so grab this chance. Reserve now while still on lowest price.

Try to check the newest lot for sale in Brent Ville Subdivision. The location is near at Cebu Light Transit (LRT ) Line 1 Phase 1 Routes in Brgy. Maghaway, Talisay City, Cebu.



Key Areas to Consider from/to Brent Ville Subdivision:

Location: Barangay Maghaway, Talisay City, Cebu

  • 5 mins to National Highway
  • 5 mins to Fooda and McDonalds
  • 10 mins to Starmall
  • 10 mins to SRP
  • Near in Metro Cebu Expressway
  • Near in Gaisano Grand Mall Tab.Talisay City, Cebu
  • Near in Bank Establishment
  • Near in Tabunok Public Market
  • Near in Tabunok Church
  • Commercial establishments in Law
  • With City View & Sea View
  • Near in Maghaway GYM and Barangay Hall
  • Second Lot in Prime Hills Subdivision


Wait there’s more: Here are the pictures and sample computations for your initial review of the area. And, should you wish a far more experience, kindly take note of contact details below and set a schedule for site tripping.


Brent Ville Maghaway Gallery

(Click each image to view full-width)


Payment Details :

Reservation Fee: Php 5,000 for Advance Processing of Title


Sample computation:

Full Spot Cash:

Total Contract Price: P 275,000.00 for 50 sq.m.
Less 10 % Dis. 27,500.00
Full Spot Cash 247,500.00

Half Spot Cash:

TCP = 275,000
Less 5 % Dis. 13,750
Balance 261,250
Half Spot Payment 130,625
Payable in 6 yrs. (72 months)
As low as 1,814.24 per month

20 % Down Payment:

TCP = 275,000
Less 3 % Dis. 8,250
Balance 266,750
Less 20% Down 53,350
Bal. Amount 213,400
Payable in 6 yrs. (72 months)
As low as 2,963.89 per month

10 Down Payment:

TCP = 275,000
Less 1.5 % Dis. 4,125
Balance 270,875
Less 10 % Down 27,087.50
Bal. Amount 243,787.50
Payable in 6yrs. (72 months)
As low as 3,385.94 per month

Straight Monthly Payment:

TCP = Php 275,000.00
Minimum cut is 50 sq.m.
50sqm x 5,500/sq.m. = Php 275,000
Payable in 6 yrs. (72 months)
As low as Php 3,819.44 per month for 72 months



✨Entrance gate with guardhouse
✨Park and Play ground
✨Basketball Court
✨Concrete road
✨Water line system
✨Electrical line system



  1. Reservation Fee: P 5,500.00 per cut
  2. 2 valid ID’s
  3. Other requirements (photocopy):
    1. Birth certificate (if single)
    2. Marriage contract (if married)
    3. Cedula updated


Guidelines for Site Tripping

  • Schedule a day before your desired date for site trip.
  • Tripping Schedule – from Monday to Saturday.
  • North Meet-up: 8: 30 am at Jollibee, ParkMall – Mandaue City.
  • South Meet up: 11 am; 1 pm and 3 pm at Starmall; Jetti Gasoline Stations; Camilla Lawaan in Talisay City, Cebu.





Please do leave a message in the form below. Or, you can directly message thru our messenger app (see at the bottom right).

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