BLOQ SoHo Lofts: Elevates Working at Home in Pagsabungan, Mandaue City



We’re happy to share with you the newest project offering to the market by Bloq which is BLOQ SoHo Lofts located in P. Sanchez St. (interior) Pagsabungan, Mandaue City.

SoHo means, Small Office Home Office – you can make your unit into a small office at the same time.

Bloq has created diverse living that would perfectly fit the way you live. Reaching to the demands of home seeker while at the same turning your unit into a small office.

With a sophisticated approach to design and aesthetic, BLOQ SoHo elevates the working professional’s home, creating living spaces that serves as flexible working space for both home and office. This would also mean that this type of development will ease your living while at the same time you can cater to your client at one time like receiving architectural transaction or having a small boutique then. Isn’t this a unique living? Ask us how?




Glass and aluminum (Mid units -back and front glass, while for corner units- have 3 sides glass)




  • 46 units (all loft)
  • 2 Building (Building 1 and 2)
  • Each building has 2 floors
  • Building 1 has 12 units/floor
  • Building 2 has 11 units/floor
  • 30 sqm. floor area
  • Designer kitchen by Oppein
  • Frosted glass enclosed toilet and bath
  • Brick finished walls
  • Double height floor to ceiling glass
  • Straight to finished concrete flooring
  • 2 units split type air-con





Easy on the Pocket

You never noticed that your allotted money for your monthly rental can get you a real estate investment. Now you know that you can still reach your dream to own a home totally, or even practice such delayed gratification so that you can save up and be able to pay your monthly dues.


  • 1 year spot cash with 5% discount
  • 2 years deferred cash spread over 25 mos.
  • 5 years in-house financing


Prime Location

Live in the city close to work then enjoy its proximity and access to all your wants and needs. Meanwhile, we know for the fact that some are just living temporary in the city in order to work, why not decide to settle a condo living while you are still earning and consider it as an investment.




Built to accommodate your style and individuality. You can even choose the color of your door! See its color variance in the photo below. These are one of color choices at your preference. Isn’t this unique?





Building 1 Pricelist


Building 2 Pricelist









  • Our Lady of Fatima Parish – Basak, Mandaue City
  • Ateneo de Cebu School
  • Basak Elementary School
  • Paradise Garden Events Pavilion
  • SM Savemore – Canduman, Mandaue City
  • SM Consolacion
  • Pacific Mall; Metro Gaisano
  • J Centre Mall
  • Park Mall
  • City Time Square (across Park Mall)
  • Buffet 101 (across Park Mall)
  • Co Jordan in Consolacion




For site viewing and other details:


Janeth Perater Pelayo
Jagobiao, Mandaue City, 6014 Cebu
 +63 9228285067
 Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa,Su all day

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