Pag-ibig Housing Loan Requirements

For Regular Pag-ibig Member

  1. At least 24 months Pag-IBIG Member
  2. 5 pcs. 1×1 picture
  3. 2 pcs. Valid ID (Photocopy)
  4. Residence Certificate (Community Tax/Cedula)
  5. TIN ID (Tax Identification Number)
  6. Birth Certificate (if Single)/ Marriage Contract (if Married)
  7. Certificate of Employment and Compensation (CEC)
  8. Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) w/ W2
  9. Latest 1 month Payslip
  10. Latest Service record (For Government Employee)
  11. Job Contract w/ VISA and Passport (for OFW/OCW only)
  12. SPA or Special Power of Atty if needed duly notarized
  13. Proof of Billing (water, electric, telephone, statements of Accounts
  14. Checking Account (Post Dated Checks)

For Self-employed/Professional Practitioner

(2 copies each plus requirements 1-6 above if applicable)

  1. PRC ID and PTR
  2. Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) / Financial Statement
  3. Business Permit
  4. DTI and SEC Registration
  5. Latest 6 months Bank statements (for Businessmen)

For In-house Financing (IHF)

  • 1X1 Picture
  • Residence Certificate (Community Tax)
  • Birth Certificate (If Single)/ Marriage Contract (If Married)
  • Checking Account (Post Dated Checks)

Additional Information:Must have no existing Housing loan or any Pag- ibig foreclosed property loan. Monthly amortization must not exceed from the 35% total gross salary of the borrower. Combined Salary of either Husband and Wife, Brothers and Sisters, or Parents. Principal must not exceed from 65years old upon loan application and payment should not exceed up to 70 years of age.

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